HighScope Indonesia Institute


Learning is a journey not a race!

As natural learners, children are unique individuals. They grow at different speeds. They have different talents and learn in different ways. Although their uniqueness should be respectedthe world of  education has denied the fact of their uniqueness for many years. Schools set educational standards and children, no matter what, had to match those standards. Conformity to the standard was highly valued and being different was seen as less than normal.

HighScope believes in individual differences. School should be the place to accommodate those differences; school should do what’s best for the children (not for the parents or the schools).). School is the place to empower students in all their uniqueness and put them in control of their own learning.

Learning is more than knowing basic facts or what I call subjects. Learning is acquiring sets of life tools that will be used for the rest of one’s life. Learning must be seen as a road that will lead to the future and the learners will actively travel along that road to reach their destination. What is best for them is to prepare them for their future, not our future.

HighScope is committed to facilitate and guide learners throughout this journey through its current four educational programs: Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School and High School.



HighScope’s Educational approach is an open framework that organizes and supports the students’ and teachers’ environment, daily routine, and all of their interactions. Educators adapt the framework to meet the unique needs of their local community and all of their students. For the students, the framework provides a consistent schedule that includes interesting things to do, attention from their teachers for their specific interests and needs, and a sense of control over themselves and their environment.

The learning activities that teachers plan for students foster independent thinking, initiative and creativity. Student’s cognitive, social, emotional & physical capacities develop quickly when they can use materials and their imagination freely in an environment that promotes investigation, decision making, cooperation, persistence & problem solving.

Sekolah HighScope Indonesia employs an international approach and standard that is adjusted to the local context: culture, environment and ethics. We adjust our curriculum in the same manner in order to enrich the curriculum of the Indonesian Ministry of Education.