SHI Kelapa Gading

8th Grade
Joined HighScope since Early Childhood Education Program

“Doing Community Work made me feel good, because it made me feel that I was being helpful to society.“

What makes HighScope different from other middle schools?
The curriculum and learning process in HighScope is different from other schools. At HighScope, we learn not only through books and assessments, but we also get to do experiments. This way, we can learn better and feel comfortable in our environment with friends and teachers.

What do you think are the benefits of having a cluster system at HighScope?
The cluster system in HighScope benefits my social life because my friends and I can support each other. We’re here for each other.

Can you tell us how you use the Learner Outcomes in your daily life?
The Learner Outcome I identify with the most is Creativity and Innovation. It’s because I can relate it to my school projects. For example, I made a cell phone projector for my Science project. I applied what I had learned about the physics of light to make a projector by putting a cell phone into a shoebox, then using lenses and mirrors to project an image to a wall.

Can you tell us about your Community Work Experience?
For last year’s Community Work, I went to Rumah Belajar Oki, a foundation that gives education to homeless children. It was such a pleasant experience because I got to donate some books and read to little children. Doing community work made me feel good, because it made me feel that I was being helpful to society.

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