SHI Bali

7th Grade
Joined HighScope since Early Childhood Education Program

“I implement all of the Learner Outcomes that HighScope has taught me in my daily life.”

What makes HighScope different from other middle schools?
First, the cluster system. We don’t only learn in one classroom with one teacher.  For every subject, we study in a different classroom with a different teacher.

The second thing that makes HighScope different is during the learning process; teachers will give us resources like books, articles, and videos. It really helps us understand the topics we are studying.

Finally, there is the Plan-Do-Review method.  Every term, we have to make a project based on the topics we learned during that term. Before making the project, we need to Plan by analyzing the project mission, hypothesis, and blueprint. Then we can move to the Do step, where we make the project based on our blueprint. After we finish, we Review the results where we assess our own strengths and weaknesses, as well as make an action plan to make our project better in the future.

What do you think are the benefits of having a cluster system at HighScope?
With the cluster system, we can learn how to adapt to any situation. I can also socialize with friends not only from my classroom, but from other classrooms as well.

Can you tell us how you use the Learners Outcomes in your daily life?
I implement all of the Learners Outcomes that HighScope has taught me in my daily life. But, the most outstanding ones are Adaptability and Agility, as well as Social Problem Solving.

When I moved from Elementary School to Middle School, I had new friends, teachers, and lessons. Knowing how to adapt helped me have an easier time socializing.

I also experienced using Social Problem Solving in a business setting during last year's Business Day. My team had decided beforehand to sell hydroponic plants, but we had unexpected problems during our preparations. So we had to come up with a solution in a short period of time. After discussion, we came up with an idea to sell hydroponic tutorial kits instead. In the end, it was a success and we made a lot of profit.

Can you tell us about your Community Work Experience?
During our Community Work Experience last year, we went to a local Elementary School to share some knowledge about thermal energy. We conducted experiments on conduction, convection, and radiation. I felt happy because I could share my knowledge while making new friends.

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