August 19 2020
Strengthening the Spirit of LOVE INDONESIA through the 75th...

In celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sekolah HighScope Indonesia held a solemn celebration in this New Normal era, by utilizing online technology, to hold a Virtual Independence Day Flag Ceremony. This event, which was held on the morning of August 17, 2020, involved 2,925 elementary, middle and high school students along with approximately 1,000 school directors, principals, teachers, employees, and parents of students from all HighScope Indonesia Schools (SHI) in Java, Sumatra, and Bali: SHI TB Simatupang, SHI Kelapa Gading, SHI Alfa Indah, SHI Kuningan, SHI Bintaro, SHI Pluit, SHI Rancamaya, SHI Bali, SHI Medan, SHI Bandung, and SHI Palembang all attended this online ceremony. An interesting component of this ceremony was the combined virtual choir of 348 students from all HighScope Indonesia Schools. This collaborative project was led by Hendro Ismoyo Jati, HighScope Indonesia Institute's K-12 Management and Quality Program Coordinator.  He was fully supported by the music and film teachers from all HighScope Indonesia Schools.


“Sekolah HighScope Indonesia teaches students to respect differences, to allow differences, to encourage differences, until differences no longer make a difference.” 

The values contained in the slogan above are in line with the slogan of the Indonesian nation, namely Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity). Sekolah HighScope Indonesia upholds these noble values by continuing to instill them in its students through various learning experiences that reflect real world conditions.

In welcoming the 75th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, Sekolah HighScope Indonesia held a Commemoration Week for Independence Day. All of our students were invited to foster a sense of pride and love for their country in every learning activity.

During morning meeting, they discussed important events surrounding the proclamation and values of independence. Teachers used the theme of independence in all learning activities. Students learned about their country’s history before the proclamation of independence until independence was formally proclaimed. They read Indonesian poets' written works or poems a message of Indonesian unity and integrity in language lessons. They sang the national song during music lessons, and drew or created artworks depicting independence in their Art classes. The teachers also invited guest speakers from community leaders, such as Kompol M. Marbun.SH., MM (Kapolsek Cilandak), and Rizki Lesus (Journalist & Writer) who discussed the values of independence and their relevance to students according to their respective grade levels. Elementary, Middle School, and High School.

The Week of Independence Day Celebrations, which culminated in the August 17th Flag Ceremony, is a milestone in the spirit of CINTA INDONESIA that underlies all activities at the HighScope Indonesia School for the next 1 year. In the second quarter, students will learn about the richness of Indonesian culture during Culture Week. In the fourth quarter, students will study entrepreneurship on Business Day. Students will present their business plans or proposals and they are required to use at least 60% local resources in the products they market.


In her address this morning, Our Founder & CEO, Antarina S.F. Amir, explained the meaning of independence to the ceremony participants, that independence is freedom to self-determination and independence. "We do need other people, to work together; sometimes we need other people to be leaders, but we must be able to make our own life choices, be able to lead ourselves and not be dependent." She also advised us that one of the ways to show our independence is through working together in solving problems. At the end of her speech, she reminded everyone present about the advice of the Father of Indonesian Education, Ki Hajar Dewantara:

“Apapun yang diperbuat oleh seseorang itu, 

hendaknya dapat bermanfaat bagi dirinya sendiri, 

bermanfaat bagi bangsanya, 

dan bermanfaat bagi manusia di dunia pada umumnya.” 


In celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, during...

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