July 10 2019
Z Generation Solidarity Appreciates Differences Through Inter-Faith Activities

Sekolah HighScope Indonesia teaches students to respect differences, to allow differences, to encourage differences, until differences no longer make a difference”.

The above quotation clearly expresses the first of the HighScope values, i.e. respect, which is followed by the other three core values: responsibility, excellence and integrity. These core values are inherent in our mission to develop the total child, a child that will grow and be ready for real life challenges.

In a country with so many ethnicities, languages and religions it is not surprising, although unacceptable, that misunderstandings sometimes occur, and that those misunderstandings tarnish the harmony between religious communities. However, the youth of our country must overcome this situation and promote harmony in the future.  Consequently, since HighScope prepares students for real life and religious intolerance is part of real life, HighScope designed a program that facilitates students to not only tolerate differences but to respect differences. HighScope Indonesia is committed to instilling and applying the values of tolerance and respect for differences in all of their students.

Perhaps, some people might think that tolerance is a trivial thing; however, that kind of thinking gives rise to a negative impact since many of the problems that occur in this era originate from "not being able to realize respect for others, respect for something, respect for differences." Many problems arise due to this lack of understanding, which results in confrontations and divisions.

To provide an understanding of the concepts of respect, diversity and tolerance for all of its students, HighScope Indonesia annually organizes an inter-religious activity titled 3R (Ramadan, Retreat, Recollection). This activity facilitates students to learn to be tolerant of differences and implement one of the core HighScope values, respect, in addition to strengthening their belief in God through prayer,  reflection and other religious activities.

3R is held in the month of Ramadan and since 2004, all HighScope units carry out this activity.  Even though this activity is held during the month of Ramadhan, all students participate in it, namely: Protestants, Catholics, Hindus, and Buddhists. The activities are divided into 2: activities according to religious background and joint activities.


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Sekolah HighScope Indonesia teaches students to respect...