July 10 2019
HighScope Indonesia Defines Academic Skills for 21st Century Education

HighScope Indonesia continues its active role in developing the Indonesian education system and supplying new and innovative insights to fellow education practitioners and parents. In line with this role, we invited Thomas R. Guskey, Ph.D., an expert in the field of assessment  from the United States, to work with us as we continue our learning journey.

HighScope Indonesia has been working with Thomas Guskey, Ph.D. since 2014 in developing an assessment and reporting system at HighScope Indonesia schools. Thomas R. Guskey, Ph.D. is Professor Emeritus at the College of Education University of Kentucky and a Senior Research Scholar. He is the author/editor of 24 award winning books and more than 250 chapters of books, articles, and professional papers about educational measurement, evaluation, assessment, grading, and professional learning.

Professor Guskey interacted with all attendees during our parents workshop, titled "Is My Child's School Academic Enough?" with the aim  to broaden the knowledge of parents about the academic skills needed for success in the 21st century. At the same time, HighScope Indonesia saw a need to define academic skills that are in line with the times. "Academic skills are the ability to grasp knowledge that needs to be processed scientifically and creatively using the executive function of the brain and the executive function’s ability to present essential understanding clearly and logically."

For that reason, HighScope Indonesia believes that academic skills are not just reading, writing and counting, and getting good grades in examinations. Academic skills are a child's ability to understand what is  taught in school, and process it scientifically and creatively by using the executive function of the brain, along with the ability to clearly and logically communicate the essence of what has been learned.

Through parent workshops and other intellectual activities HighScope Indonesia endeavors to enrich the academic world and provide parents with the information they need to better support their children in preparing for future academic demands and the challenges of the working world.


HighScope Indonesia continues its active role in developing the Indonesian...

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