October 10 2019
HighScope Indonesia Annual Conference 2019

"Redesigning The World: HighScope Indonesia Redesigning the World by Improving the Quality of Teachers to Form Quality Students"

 Equipping students with Life Skills towards Excellent Human Resources

Jakarta, 10 October 2019 - Change is inevitable and problems in the world are also becoming more and more complicated. HighScope Indonesia believes that tomorrow's problem cannot be solved with yesterday’s mind. Along with global changes and demands in the working world, HighScope Indonesia sees a gap between the quality of graduates and what is needed by the world and the working world. Traditional schools generally only emphasize the importance of grades and exams, while the working world wants graduates to master "life skills". Research conducted by the Indonesian Institute of Accountants also shows that leaders from various industries question the readiness of university graduates in Indonesia to enter the labor market.

Founded based on "brain-based research," since 1996 HighScope Indonesia has been developing education, training teachers and educating students and continues to uphold its stance that the best way to learn is to be in accordance with the way the brain works. Therefore, since 2010 HighScope has regularly held HighScope Indonesia Annual Conference dedicated to building a learning community for teachers, school principals and other education professionals who come together to reflect on current experiences and practices.

HighScope Indonesia applies a learning approach that prepares children for unknown problems, for jobs that do not currently exist, and uses technology that may not have been created yet. HighScope Indonesia's principle of redesigning the world is to change how children learn; especially mastery of life skills, which are closely related to their daily habits. To be ready to face real life one must be built upon the foundations of learning such as socio-emotional development skills, basic skills & technology, learning abilities & the ability to think.

According to Antarina S.F Amir, Founder and CEO of HighScope Indonesia, “Why do children need to go to school? They go to school to learn to make decisions. They learn the concepts and skills necessary to develop the executive functioning of the brain, the CEO of the brain, which helps them make good decisions in real life. "

HighScope Indonesia’s Learner Outcomes  stipulates that students must know, understand, practice and be able to perform these skills at an increasingly higher level starting in preschool and continuing throughout secondary school. Students need to answer questions-important questions that are driven by their own goals, needs, and interests, and can relate their learning to what's currently happening in the world.

The 9th Annual HighScope Indonesia Conference returns with the theme "Redesigning The World: From Theory into Action", in which HighScope Indonesia invites education experts from various fields and countries, to enrich knowledge, share knowledge, and open discussions with teachers and staff about education. This year HighScope Indonesia invited speakers such as the Minister of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia to the Working Cabinet, Rudiantara, S.Stat., MBA, International Education Consultants Denise White and Alisa Braddy, Principal of The English School (Helsinki, Finland); Petri Vuorinen, Author and Lecturer of Universitas Indonesia’s Faculty of Economics and Business Prof. Rhenald Kasali, PhD, along with other expert speakers.

HighScope Indonesia believes that one important aspect of student success is the quality of the teacher. This year's annual conference is expected to be able to reassure stakeholders about the importance of HighScope Indonesia's perspective on education, that schools and teachers must equip students with the best education. In other words, active learning, student-centered active learning through holistic development. The conference offers applicable strategies to improve the teaching and learning process for more than 500 teachers and staff from all HighScope Indonesia schools.