September 30 2020
HighScope Indonesia Annual Conference 2020

"Sustainable Innovation Hub: HighScope Indonesia invites teachers to adapt creatively, innovate, and have a positive impact in the midst of a pandemic"

Equipping Life Skills for Future Generations

Jakarta, 30 September 2020 - The world is constantly changing and problems in the world are becoming more complex. HighScope Indonesia believes that tomorrow’s problems cannot be solved with yesterday’s mind. The spirit to adapt creatively, innovate, and leave a positive impact must continue for generations to come. The pandemic situation has shaken many sectors, but education has its own responsibility and obligation to continue with various challenges and also prevent gaps in students during distance education.


To face current and future challenges, students need a foundation of learning such as; socio-emotional development, basic skills & technology, learning abilities & the ability to think critically. Based on brain-based research and longitudinal studies, HighScope Indonesia has been developing an education system, training teachers and educating students since 1996, and continues to insist that the best way to learn is to be in accordance with the way the brain works.


Effective education can occur when teachers understand child development and understand how to accommodate children's needs by implementing teaching strategies that are most appropriate to the student's learning. Thus, HighScope Indonesia creates structured professional development and since 2011 has routinely held the Annual HighScope Indonesia Conference, dedicated to building a learning community for teachers, school principals, and other education professionals who come together to reflect on experiences and practices especially during distance education.


HighScope Indonesia applies a learning approach that prepares children for unknown problems, for jobs that do not yet exist, and uses technology that may not have been invented yet. In facing the challenges caused by the pandemic and in accordance with the  Government regulations, HighScope Indonesia has prepared an alternative learning system to ensure student conditions are conducive and safe, named Home-Based Interactive Learning (HBIL). During HBIL, HighScope Indonesia's values ​​of adapting creatively, innovating and having a positive impact continue. In particular, mastery of life skills, which is closely related to daily habits or habits. The 10th Annual Conference aims to provide maximum support to all teachers who are trying to adapt in providing effective teaching strategies in this pandemic situation, so that all students remain enthusiastic about learning and understands the teaching materials.


“We still have to take a positive perspective. From being teachers at HighScope, we learn that problems and conflicts are opportunities; to develop, to learn, and to become a teachable moment. Like this conference, because it was held online we were able to invite more experts. We are very excited to learn from these experts, both from Indonesia and Internationally. "Said Antarina S.F Amir, founder and CEO of HighScope Indonesia during her speech at the opening of this year’s Annual Conference.

The 10th HighScope Indonesia Annual Conference with the theme "Sustainable Innovation Hub - Adapt, Innovate, Impact", here HighScope Indonesia stands as a center for sustainable innovation (a sustainable hub) that will support a developed world for future generations. In accordance with our Vision and Mission to continue to adapt creatively, innovate and have a positive impact on the world by equipping students with a set of Life Skills that can be applied in any situation and facilitating them to think creatively, flexibly and globally.


HighScope Indonesia invites education experts from various fields and countries, to enrich knowledge, share knowledge, and open discussions with teachers and staff about education. This year HighScope Indonesia invited speakers such as the President of the HighScope Educational Research Foundation Dr. Alexandra Barraza, Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel Dr. Iwan Syahril, Ph.D, International Education Consultant; Dr. Lee Ann Jung, Ph.D, Mike Anderson, Petteri Elo, Barbara Bray, ISTE Bestselling Author Dr. L. Robert Furman, along with other expert speakers.


Dr. Iwan Sjahril said that the education sector has not experienced much change, especially when compared to the industrial revolution which has become Industry 4.0. "Education needs a transformation and this is a very big challenge especially at the policy level. The many changes in technology, socio-cultural, and environmental presents its own challenges. This encourages the Ministry of Education and Culture to think about how the education sector should be transformed to answer these challenges. "


HighScope Indonesia believes that one important aspect of student success is the quality of the teacher. This Annual Conference is expected to remind stakeholders about HighScope Indonesia's commitment to provide the best education, that schools and teachers must equip students with the best education. In other words, active learning, student-centered active learning through holistic development. The conference offers applicable strategies to improve the teaching and learning process for more than 500 teachers and staff from all HighScope Indonesia schools.