June 26 2019
Directors Cut: A Disney Musical Adventure

Directors Cut: A Disney Musical Adventure

Something magical happened at HighScope TB. Simatupang at the end of academic year 2018/2019. The High School students from the HighScope Performing Arts (HSPA) club presented a musical drama titled "Director Cut: A Musical Disney Adventure". The Disney theme was chosen because of Disney's famous stories for various ages. "At first we wanted to change to a Broadway theme, but not many people knew Broadway stories, so we chose a more familiar Disney theme," explained Najla, one of the HSPA club members. This show, a musical drama, was held at the HighScope Indonesia School - TB. Simatupang Black Box Theater. The program was carried out independently by high school students at HighScope because the club / extracurricular activities are run by the students with school support in the form of consultation and supervision.


This was the first musical drama by the HSPA club on a large scale that was open to outside audiences. Ticket sales for this event were conducted offline and online through ticket.com. "They prepared everything by themselves and the school provided supervision", explained Eva Tantri, the principal of HighScope Indonesia high school. Enthusiastically, they prepared everything themselves from the start of story ideas, scenarios, choreography, costumes, music, stage settings, to finding sponsors to help them work on their own by working with consultants to assist with English and vocals. "We have club members who are experienced in the theater world and now we have 40 students who are members of the HSPA club and each member has specific duties when working with the other members," said Rara, a high school student who founded the theater club.


The HSPA club was established last year in 2018, based on students’ interest in theater.


This two-hour musical drama tells of a group of students who are discussing what stories they will choose for the show they are going to hold. The idea of ​​Disney stories popped up but they were confused as to which one to choose. Finally, they decided to combine all of the Disney stories. They adopted popular stories from Disney works, such as Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, Aladdin, Mulan, Pocahontas, and Princess and the Frog. Throughout this performance they showed their talents at playing their roles while singing and dancing. All dialogues were conducted in English and without lip-sync. It took 4 months to prepare this performance beginning with an audition that was open to all HighScope Indonesia high school students.

This English-language musical drama performance was a success, as seen from the applause and enthusiasm of the audience. "We hope the audience enjoyed this performance and appreciated our seriousness in the field of performing art," said Rara. Seeing the success of this show, students plan to hold similar shows with different themes next year. In fact, they will prepare for their upcoming performance with a longer preparation time to achieve better results."Our hope is that this club continues to survive and provide the best" Rara added. What does the next show look like? Let's wait for their creativity next year.