December 16 2019
HiFFest 2019


HiFFest 2019 - "Danger at Your fingertips"

HighScope Film Festival (HiFFest) is a short film competition for junior high school students, which for the past 14 years has become a benchmark for aspiring young Indonesian filmmakers to express their interests and hone their talents in the field of filmmaking. It has been more than a decade that HiFFest has witnessed the ability of young people to make quality short films, which the audience often does not think that the film shown is the work of junior high school students.

HiFFest 2019 was attended by 15 teams from 12 schools,  with the theme "Self Identity" - Danger at Your fingertips, which questions and concerns about the role of technology in relation to social media as a means of information exchange, that both the recipient and the sender of information must both think critically and not carelessly (by first validating to the valid sources), and make wise decisions whether or not to share the information, for both short and long term impacts. Because information has the power to shape public opinion and the youths have a role to seek information This theme is expected to raise awareness of the younger generation to use technology and disseminate information wisely.

In addition, by participating in this HiFFest activity, students can learn skills or abilities needed in their future such as creativity, ability to work together or collaborate, ability to solve problems , and the ability to communicate well. They also gain experience in the creative and filmmaking industries; from the process of producing a film, to organizing a festival.

The series of HiFFest 2019 activities began with a Movie Workshop on November 2 & 3, 2019, followed by all HiFFest 2019 participants. There are 4 classes that are created according to the actual film production process. Each class is guided by mentors who are experts in their fields of scriptwriting, producing / directing, editing & acting. Then the participants were given 3 weeks to make a short film with a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

The series of activities continued with Movie Screening on November 30, 2019, which screened 15 films that have been produced by participants. At this stage the mentors provide comments, suggestions, criticism, appreciation, and also assess the quality of the work of the participants. At the end of this event, the mentor chose the 8 best films that will appear highlighted event The Awarding Day, here is a list of works that will be screened and broadcast to the jury and the public for the first time:

1. Sekolah HighScope Indonesia - TB. Simatupang: ”Senar” 

2. SGM 1 Cibubur: ”Friendship” 

3. Sekolah HighScope Indonesia – Kelapa Gading: ”Posted” 

4. SMPN 15: ”Rewind” 

5. SMPN 28 Bekasi : ”Waktu” 

6. SMP 3 Gunung Putri: ”Pray” 

7. Dian Didaktika: ”Layak” 

8. Sekolah HighScope Indonesia – TB.Simatupang: ”Paint the Truth” 

The judges who attended and gave an assessment on Awarding Day were:

1. Ario Rubbik (Director / Mentor)

2. Gusti Rayhan (Actor)

3. Angelica Simperler (Actress)

4. Arie Kinky (Writer)

5. Ridho Slank (Musician)

The 2019 HiFFest Awarding Day was enlivened by Ockerenz as the MC for the Indie band Garside and performances from each participating school representative which will feature a soundtrack from the film that has been made by their school team.

The winner of Hiffest 2019 in the category is Best Poster, Best Soundtrack, Best Sound Editing, and Favorite movie the film Paint the Truth - Sekolah HighScope Indonesia - TBS, while for the category Best Live Performance, Best Editing & Best Director is won by the film "Senar "From Sekolah HighScope Indonesia - TBS.

SMP Dian Didaktika won the Best Supporting Character, Best Synopsis & Best Movie for the film titled "Layak". For the Best Actor Category, SMPN 15 won with a film titled "Rewind" & Best Actress was won by SMP 3 Gunung Putri with the film "Pray".

Congratulations to the winners, hopefully you will be more enthusiastic in working by spreading positive values.