Not many education institutions have their own dedicated Training , Research & Development Department. However, HighScope believes research plays an important role to solve problems and improve teaching and learning methods while driven by data. Thus, HighScope Indonesia Institute established our own R&D body in 2000 which not only continuously evaluates our existing products and teaching approaches, but also always works towards improving our overall practice based on current cutting-edge educational best practices in the world.
Our role is to improve research and development procedures to address the academic challenges by applying research-based innovations. When developing curriculum and guidelines, or conducting training and refining our existing approaches, HighScope Indonesia Institute’s Training, Research and Development Department relies on data-driven to make decisions. In addition, we consistently collaborate with other departments and also national and international experts to make sure our quality of analysis will solve and overcome our most pressing problems at hand.

  • Teacher Training
     teacher training teacher training
    Research shows that teacher quality is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement. Thus, high-quality teachers are a valuable asset, as they are the backbone of the school.
    The HighScope Indonesia series of teacher development programs are conducted in order to nurture teachers with high-quality. After the recruitment process, teachers begin their journey as HighScopers by joining the initial teacher training conducted by the Training, Research, and Development (TRD) Department. This initial training is mandatory for all teachers before they teach in the classroom. The initial teacher training is comprehensive training in which teachers are equipped with knowledge and skills of the HighScope learning system – HighScope Preschool Wheel of Learning© for the early childhood program and Hi ghScope Indonesia Principle of 1-7-8© for the K-12 program. For approximately 2½ months they learn the HighScope philosophy, curriculum, daily activities, setting up the classroom and materials, teacher-student interaction, learning strategies, assessment, and home-school collaboration. Delivered in an active participatory method (e.g., leading activities, reading, discussion, role-playing, presentation, and other assignments), the initial training consists of theoretical aspects and on-the-job training during which they receive feedback and guidance related to their duties as teachers. In another way, this comprehensive training exposes them to the classroom reality and how to teach effectively in the classroom.
    It doesn’t stop there. The TRD department, in collaboration with principals and the Service, Quality Management and Improvement (SQMI) department, monitor teachers in implementing the learning framework. Problems in the field are identified and analyzed to design accurate continuous professional development, such as workshops, mentoring, book discussions, and small group discussions. In addition to that, we are also responsible for conducting training and professional development sessions for teachers based on our research and development.
  • Annual Conference
    annual-con-1 annual-con-2
    One part of professional development, held annually and organized by TRD, is the HighScope Indonesia Annual Conference. We began the annual conference since we realized that Sekolah Highscope Indonesia was continuing to grow, and the number of members in Indonesia was steadily increasing. The HighScope Indonesia Institute pondered the importance of having a larger forum to share, discuss and learn from each other. In this event, teachers, principals and staff gather together to reflect on current experiences and practices. International and national experts are invited as speakers to share their expertise, to inspire and motivate, and also to enhance the learning-teaching process for more than 500 teachers and staff from all HighScope Indonesia schools.
    The TRD department is committed to building a professional learning community by developing high-quality teachers. With great teacher quality, we can contribute to improving education in Indonesia, especially in shaping an innovative and intelligent generation, equipped with great character, so that they can be world class competitors.
Service, Quality Monitoring and Improvement

Every implementation of HighScope Preschool Wheel of Learning© and HighScope Indonesia Principle 1-7-8© requires quality and consistency. HighScope Indonesia ensures the quality and consistency of its implementation through SQMI that works on a daily basis with teachers and principals in all HighScope Indonesia schools. SQMI assesses every component of the approach through daily observation and gives periodic feedback to principals who will in turn give feedback to teachers to improve their teaching implementation.

SQMI is also responsible to report any concept implementation that is misunderstood by teachers and/or principals or requires fine tuning to the Training, Research, and Development Department. The field implementation report contains valuable input for teachers’ and leaders’ ongoing improvement to ensure quality education for HighScope students. Peran dan Keunikan

  • Leadership Development Program

    One of the key ingredients of good student achievement – and as such the successful implementation of the school program – is school leadership. Principalship determines the quality implementation of the HighScope approach in all aspects of a HighScope Indonesia school.

    As part of its commitment to quality education, HighScope Indonesia ensures that all HighScope Indonesia school leaders consistently lead and manage their schools to provide HighScope education, according to the standard, through the leadership development program.

    The program consists of a series of training sessions about how to become an effective instructional leader, who at the same time must also wear hats as the operational and strategic leader. These training sessions consist of theoretical aspects and field implementation during which principals receive regular feedback on their duties in managing the school resources and leading their teachers.

    The training sessions also equip principals with a tool to ensure quality implementation to their teachers (Quality Assessment System) and a tool to monitor their leadership practice on a daily basis by using the leadership assessment system. Both tools are also used by the quality monitoring officer from HighScope Indonesia Institute and school director as the guideline to monitor school quality, provide feedback and  plan ongoing training for principals to improve their principalship.


As the result of the implementation of HighScope's education system, we were chosen as
one of the best practice schools with International standards. We are also recognized by International experts.

Thomas Guskey, Ph.D

Grading & Assessment Expert

David Freeman, Ph.D & Yvonne Freeman, Ph.D

Dual Language Expert

Richard Cash

Curriculum & Instructional
Strategies Expert

Diana Jo Johnston

Curriculum & Instructional
Strategies Expert

Dr. Robert Swartz

Teaching & Thinking Expert

Lee Ann Jung, Ph.D

Early Childhood &
Special Educational Expert

Betty Holas

Differentiated Instrution Expert

Jim Grant

Multi-Age Education Expert

Rick Smith

Classroom Management Expert

By fostering child creativity, confidence, and independence, we take the learning process beyond traditional academic subjects and prepare children for later schooling and future success in life.