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JUN 25 2021


Founder of Sekolah HighScope Indonesia, Antarina SF. Amir in 2002 initiated the formation of a parent student association to become school partners and to increase collaboration between home and school that benefits students. Starting from the TB HighScope School. Simatupang, Sekolah HighScope Indonesia Parents Association now exists throughout HighScope Indonesia’s School Network.

SHIPA is an association of parents / guardians of students who are legally registered at each Indonesian HighScope School, which is also an independent and non-partisan non-profit association. In general, SHIPA aims to create positive school communities that enhance student learning environments by complementing and supporting school programs. SHIPA is also here to improve communication between parents and students and involve them in all school activities and activities. Lastly, to provide inputs on matters regarding school improvements.

As a parent, I think that a school's learning process should be engaging; a school should be exciting for the students, and most importantly the children should feel happy. HighScope Indonesia is a perfect school that ensures your children have the right learning environment. I saw how my children completely developed their talents and potentials stress-free.

Aquarina Perdananti
Parent of 4 HighScope Students (Elementary)
Sekolah HighScope Indonesia - Alfa Indah

We clearly see tremendous growth and developmental changes in our child ever since he joined this school. He is more confident in sharing stories, expressing his feelings and emotions in a much better way. He enjoys creating science experiments at home. We are very satisfied with HighScope and highly recommend this school to all new parents.

Prachi Garg
Parent of 1 HighScope Student (Early Childhood)
Sekolah HighScope Indonesia – Kuningan

HighScope has succeeded in giving my son the appropriate stimulation for his growth. My son is showing depth in both social-emotional skills and academic skills. The curriculum is impressive, and HighScope Indonesia's learning approach is the golden standard for the nation's education, and is the best fit for this generation and the future.

A. Usmarwi Kaffah
Parent of 1 HighScope Student (Early Childhood)
Sekolah HighScope Indonesia – Palembang

Some friends came over and interacted with my son. They said that my son is very smart, because he was able to see patterns in counting. They asked me, why send him to a �non-academic school': they said he had great potential and should go to a school with �great academic standing�. It is because my son goes to HighScope that he is able to realize his potential.

Jimmy Ujung
Parent of 2 HighScope Student (Early Childhood)
Sekolah HighScope Indonesia – Medan

Both of my children really enjoyed Business Day, and I think it�s the reason why they are ahead today. My youngest came to me with a business proposal for a community hub. I don�t think it would be possible if they were not given the freedom to think, the freedom to learn, and to explore their interests.

Devy Wildasari Adjiningsih
Parent of 2 HighScope Students (Middle School)
Sekolah HighScope Indonesia - Kelapa gading

HighScope Indonesia has a system that can identify each child's characteristics & interests, so their potential can truly be well-developed. The greatest thing is they provide space for the students to innovate.

Prof. Dr. Ahmad M. Ramli
Parent of 1 HighScope Student (High School)
Sekolah HighScope Indonesia - TB. Simatupang

By fostering child creativity, confidence, and independence, we take the learning process beyond traditional academic subjects and prepare children for later schooling and future success in life.