HighScope Indonesia provides opportunities for anyone interested in either education or the education business or both. We offer a License Package to those looking to open up a HighScope Indonesia School, from Early Childhood to High School.

So, why invest in HighScope? By obtaining the HighScope License Package, you will:

  • Contribute to quality education and child development needed for Indonesia's future generation(s).
  • Implement the HighScope Framework, which is based on a core philosophy of Progressive Constructive Learning.
  • Facilitate the development and molding of the self-regulated leader and the whole child.

When obtaining a License Package, we will also guide you along your HighScope journey with our Comprehensive License Support which will provide you with:

  • Start-up Support
  • Quality Support
  • Training Support
  • Business Strategic Support

Sekolah HighScope Indonesia has expanded its reach across the Indonesian archipelago, in several locations.

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More and more students have joined the HighScope Indonesia family throughout the years, starting with just eight in 1996 to more than 3000 in 2018.

For more information regarding HighScope Indonesia's Licensing programs, please contact:

Business Development Department
021.7591.7888 ext 2112

By fostering child creativity, confidence, and independence, we take the learning process beyond traditional academic subjects and prepare children for later schooling and future success in life.