Graduated HighScope in 2016

Universitas Twente, Belanda - Sarjana Technology, Liberal Arts and Sciences
Universitas Trento, Italia - Magister Cognitive Neuroscience

Currently working at Su-Re.Co as Research Assistant and at Platform as a dancer

“I think what HighScope did very well was teaching us how to learn.”

What can you tell us about your time at HighScope?

High School in HighScope was where I took every possible opportunity available. Yes, I had classes, but I was also in the martial arts and music clubs. I was a delegate and Co-President at Model United Nations. I was also President of the Student Council, President of the Virtual Enterprise Class, and CEO of Kudeta.

In terms of my studies, I opted out of taking the national exams. I was very fixated on studying abroad, so I took AP (Advanced Placement) classes in English, Calculus, Physics, and Psychology. It was really a balancing act between academics and extracurriculars.

How did studying in HighScope help you during university?

In the academic setting, the AP classes I took in HighScope proved to be essential. For anyone who’d like to study abroad, I would say that AP classes at HighScope are really good at simulating what it’s like to be in university.

I think what HighScope did very well was to teach us how to learn. Even before going to university, I was already accustomed to problem-based learning. I was also used to doing presentations at HighScope, so I was comfortable with speaking in public. Finally, because there was so much project-based learning at HighScope, teamwork wasn’t a big surprise to me. When I moved to a different university, I could also adapt quickly because I was used to different learning styles in HighScope.

Do you think studying at HighScope has also helped you in your career?

Absolutely. The presentation skills I got from HighScope are extremely important for my current job, because my job entails presenting research results to a diverse audience, from governmental bodies to farmers.

I would also like to add that I was able to enter this company because of how well-made my CV and cover letter were. In the pre-intership classes at HighScope, we had a whole semester where we learned how to do this.

Finally, I would also have to credit HighScope for teaching me how to be comfortable with the stage. I think that was why I’m able to join a dance company as a performer.

What do you think are the most useful soft skills you learned at HighScope?

The three main soft skills that I think are useful in any situation are public speaking, organization, and time management.

Is there a life lesson that you gained from HighScope?

The HighScope motto is, “Learning is a journey, not a race”. This motto teaches us to enjoy the process, to be authentic. Life is learning, so life is a journey. It's about being a more well-rounded person. It's about being able to adapt to new environments. I think that when you tell yourself that, you realize that life is about finding your niche and finding your authentic self.