•       Incorporate project-based learning and hands-on activities to enhance student engagement.

  •      Teaching Digital Literacy in Middle School including but not limited to knowledge of coding, programming, and computer science concepts

  •      Create engaging lesson plans, activities, and projects that enhance students' digital skills and critical thinking.

  •          Minimum bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or digital media.

  •      Excellent English and communication skills as part of Home School Collaboration with parents and collaboration with teachers.

  •      Collaborative mindset to work with colleagues, parents, and administrators in promoting digital literacy initiatives is also crucial.

  •      Strong understanding of internet safety, privacy, and ethical use of technology.

  •      Minimum 3 years of proven experience teaching in a middle school or similar educational setting. Experience integrating technology into the curriculum and using digital tools effectively.

  •      Proficiency in a wide range of digital tools, applications, and software relevant to middle school education.