Graduated HighScope in 2015

Universitas New York, Amerika Serikat - Sarjana Media, Culture and Communications

Currently working at Illuminate Research Asia as Insight Executive

“The main thing HighScope taught me is to be myself, to develop and maintain my own values.”

Did studying in HighScope help your personal growth?

Absolutely. I benefited so much by the emphasis on independence built into the learning environment at HighScope. When I joined HighScope as a first grade elementary student, I was very shy and sensitive. I wasn’t the type to lead or to voice my opinions.

But during my years there, I was part of so many HighScope communities and clubs. My shyness turned into confidence, and my sensitivity became empathy. Eventually, I became a Student Council President and was one of the founders of the school’s music club, PERMISHI.

How did HighScope help you achieve that?

The main thing HighScope taught me is to be myself, to develop and maintain my own values. My teachers taught me to question everything. Lessons were a two-way conversation, where we discussed various topics. This way, HighScope encouraged us to have a firm stance on important issues.

HighScope also taught me important interpersonal skills. Students are put in multi-age classrooms, so from a young age I learned to get along with children of different ages. As an older student, I really benefited from the school communities. HighScope has so many student clubs, and I tried almost every single one. Being among so many students with various interests and personalities really taught me the value of mutual respect and collaboration.

Did you learn other soft skills at HighScope which are now applicable to your career?

There are so many. Like I said, HighScope really encourages students to question what they are being taught. I now work as an Insight Executive at Illuminate Research Asia, so critical thinking is an essential skill in my line of work.

Another very important skill that’s a big part of education at HighScope is creative problem solving. At HighScope, we’re taught to complete our own projects starting in Elementary School, to integrate studies in Middle School and senior thesis in High School. The great thing is, HighScope taught me that projects aren’t just one-way avenues—they are a way of exploring different options in problem solving.

Finally, I learned effective time management. Aside from the projects, I was also taking part in internships, clubs, and social service. I was so busy, so I had to be responsible for my own time.

How would you describe your experience at HighScope?

It was amazing. So much fun, so much learning. I had the time of my life in HighScope.