Trade Fair 2019



HighScope Indonesia believes that the best learning is real life learning.  That is why HighScope  equips students with varied skills and experiences that they can creatively employ when they enter the workforce.

One of the ways HighScope Indonesia fosters an entrepreneurial spirit is through a program called Virtual Company Indonesia (VCI). VCI is a business simulation program for high school and vocational high school students who among other endeavors prepare the VCI Trade Fair. HighScope Indonesia hosted this one day program on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 for SMKN 9, SMKN 18, SMKN 20, SMKN 43, SMKN 51 and HighScope Indonesia High School.

At this year's Trade Fair, as many as 17 virtual companies, established by high school / vocational high school students, who are members of VCI, exhibited and sold products/services that they developed during the program. All of the virtual companies created booths to showcase their products/services and prepared marketing strategies to sell their original products. Beginning with their sales program, booth design, brochure, and dress code, etc. the students were ready to sell their products. Trade Fair visitors could make purchases using a simulated credit card provided by VCI.

These virtual companies included Erfolg; this company was founded by students of SMK 20 who developed cakes that are beneficial for good health (healthy cakes). Then, there was CEVCO, a company founded by students of SMKN 43 that sold products in the form of smart door assistants. There was also a company, Tentram, that sold personal care products from organic ingredients (organic personal care).

At the conclusion of the trade fair, several virtual companies won awards in several predetermined categories, namely Best Catalog Design, Website Design, Advertising Video Design, Best Booth and Sales Skills.

Hats off to our future entrepreneurs!