HighScope Indonesia Institute

The Principle of 178

HighScope Indonesia’s approach incorporates learning components that function within HighScope Indonesia Learning Framework. Those components are:



Enriching Learning Environment

Learning environment is designed purposefully to provide students with meaningful opportunities to engage with curriculum content in ways that enrich learning


Democratic Learning Atmosphere

Teacher creates a democratic learning atmosphere that empowers students to develop self regulation


Rigorous Learning Content

Rigorous learning content is designed purposefully to develop student’s conceptual thinking in academic content and 21st century skills at a pace suitable for their unique developmental levels


Impactful Learning Strategies

Impactful Learning Strategies are purposefully designed in consideration of how the human brain learns, to support students in developing essential skills and knowledge, as well as their executive functions


Orchestrated Learning Activities

Teacher designs an orchestrated immersion of experience to create balance and harmony in the learning activities to support social, emotional, academic, physical development


Comprehensive Assessment of & for Learning

Assessment is ongoing, comprehensive, and accompanied with regular feedback and support to continuously ensure that students are learning effectively.


Collaborative Learning Support

Teachers collaborate with parents, school psychologists, extended enrichment and talent programs, and others that can contribute to the child’s learning to maximize support in developing the whole child