HighScope Indonesia Institute



In High School, our focus is to develop student’s learn to learn skills. Thus, students are able to analyze their potentials and weaknesses, and eventually they will be ready to learn depth in the university, where they will develop their conceptual thinking and decision making skills. In order to achieve that, we maintain consistent support for students from the following elements:

  • Collaborative Learning Support
  • Enriching Learning Environment
  • Democratic Learning Atmosphere
  • Rigorous Learning Content
  • Comprehensive Assessment of & for Learning
  • Impactful Learning Strategies
  • Structured Learning Activities



Our curriculum and approach seeks to encourage students to construct their own knowledge, and reach a depth understanding in particular subject. We believe that learning has to be contextual, real life and give choices, by applying a credit system; we give students opportunities to choose. The subjects are focus on 3 majors:  Math and Science, Business and Information Technology and Technical and Performing Arts

Each major will consist of core subjects, electives and Ujian Nasional (UN) related subjects. The core subjects are:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Social Studies
  • Citizenship
  • Religion
  • Internship
  • Physical Education
  • Art & Music


In order to nurture student ability to analyze their potentials and weaknesses, we provide several programs and activities:

  • Plan Do Review (Project-based Cycle) and workshop activities are continued in high school program
  • College Preparatory Program, allows students to join classes at the college and university level, to inspire them to achieve higher education
  • Internship and Career, related exposure programs are given to familiarize students with real life situations and provide opportunities to explore career pathways that suit their interest and talents
  • Advisory Program, provides a caring environment for academic guidance and support and to promote social & emotional development in all students
  • Outcome-based Assessment, an online-assessment program which allows students to manage their schedule and projects